In season six, episode two of Scandal, Olivia (Kerry Washington) finds video evidence that suggests a tiff between Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) caused Cyrus to have Frankie killed.

‘Scandal’ Season 6, Episode 3 Recap

The episode opens with a flashback of Frankie flirting with Jennifer Fields (Chelsea Kurtz), his campaign videographer. When Cyrus catches the two of them together, he seems uneasy about the situation. It is revealed that Jennifer was the one who stated Cyrus had Frankie killed.

When Elizabeth (Portia De Rossi) arrives at Cyrus window, fighting with the guards chasing her, Cyrus is unhappy to see her. She says that she wants to help Cyrus get out of his current situation but he calls her a snake. She says that he will never be President without her.

In another flashback scene, Olivia tells Cyrus that she is impressed with his campaign work. He is offended by her lack of faith in him and badgers her about her relationship with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). She then says that she will find out what blackmail he used to get close with Frankie and she will make sure America knows about it.

In present day, Fitz meets with Cyrus in his car and tells him that he can either finish the investigation and have Cyrus arrested for the murder of Frankie Vargas or he can step down and Fitz can have the investigation dropped and Cyrus’ name cleared. Cyrus gets a call from his ex-lover Tom (Brian Letscher) who says that he was used by him to get what he wanted.

Huck (Guillermo Díaz) meets with Jennifer Field’s friend who reveals that Jennifer was beat up very badly. In a flashback scene, it is revealed that Cyrus had Tom beat up Jennifer.

Cyrus tells his husband Michael (Matthew Del Negro) that he is in trouble, revealing that he met up with Tom. Michael is furious and states that Cyrus swore Tom was out of their lives. When Cyrus says that Tom is out for vengeance this time, Michael asks if Cyrus had Frankie killed. Cyrus just starts crying.

In a flashback, Tom comes to Cyrus’ hotel room and says that Jennifer Fields will no longer being a problem. Tom fondles Cyrus and raves about his performance with Frankie’s candidacy, stating that Cyrus should be the President instead. They make love.

Later, Cyrus confronts Tom and says that he cannot touch Frankie. He says that he never loved Tom and that he wants him to leave him, his family and Frankie alone. Cyrus ends the conversation with “you are dead to me.”

In present day, Cyrus meets with Tom in a park. Cyrus begs him to stay quiet and says that he won’t tell anyone that Tom killed Frankie Vargas. Tom begins to bark at him and says that he was always just a dog to be controlled by Cyrus. Tom grabs Cyrus’ gun and points it at him. Cyrus admits to using him and never truly loving him. Tom puts the gun in Cyrus’ mouth saying that was too easy of a death for him. Tom then pulls the gun out and pistol whips Cyrus.

Cyrus is sitting on his living room floor covered in bruises, Michael comes up and tells him that he won’t leave him. They talk fantasies about their lives together.

Liz comes to Fitz and tells him that Cyrus would like to accept his offer of stepping down from the presidency. Tom admits to killing Frankie Vargas, per Cyrus’ request. Olivia tells Mellie (Bellamy Young) that she is now the next President of the United States.

In a final flashback scene, we learn that Frankie chose Cyrus to be his Vice President.Catch a sneak peek at next week’s episode below:

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