Season seven of The Real Housewives of New Jersey saw a family reunited and torn apart by consecutive prison sentences, sister-in-laws that reconciled their damaged relationship, two newcomers that stole the hearts of viewers nationwide, and one Wacky Jacky whose continued emotional outbursts caused waves of contention among the ladies.

RHONJ Reunion Part One Recap

The ladies are all together for the first time since the cataclysmic luncheon at Rails Steakhouse. The claws come out immediately after the ladies’ introductions with Andy, as Teresa and Jacqueline begin trading insults with one another. Teresa and Jacqueline’s bickering set the tone for the remainder of the episode which was filled with accusations, denials, and deflections.

Melissa reveals that Jacqueline wasn’t really interested in reconciling her friendship with Teresa because she called Melissa to try and gossip about Teresa receiving a new Lexus the day she was released from prison. Jacqueline denies this and instead claims that it was Melissa who was doing the gossiping. The blame game continues throughout the reunion as the ladies can’t seem to take responsibility for their words and actions.

The sparks continue to fly as Andy points out that Teresa recently tweeted at Danielle Staub that she would love to have her back on the show (OMG YES). Jacqueline asks Teresa why she wants Danielle back and Teresa says “to attack you” (LOL my queen). The insults continue as it is revealed that Jacqueline’s daughter, Ashley, tweeted that Teresa looks like an ape. Teresa takes a page out of Kenya Moore’s playbook and begins twirling in front of the ladies asking if she looks like an ape, much to the delight of the every one other than Jacqueline.


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It wouldn’t be a RHONJ reunion without Kim D and her ratty weave being brought up in some capacity. Jacqueline accuses Teresa of inviting Kim D on the show for the sole purpose of attacking her. Teresa turns the tables (shameless book plug) on Jacqueline and accuses her of bringing Kim D on the show, since Kim D only wanted to gossip about Joe Giudice and never came on the show when Jacqueline wasn’t a part of the cast (makes sense).

The accusations continue as the ladies bring up Stripper Gate once again (WHO CARES). Teresa and Jacqueline blame one another for spreading rumors about Melissa, who doesn’t believe any of the ladies’ hands were clean that night. Snowballing off of Stripper Gate are accusations of Teresa and Jacqueline selling stories about one another to the tabloids. The accusations culminate with Teresa accusing Jacqueline and possibly Caroline of setting her up and calling the feds on her. Tre believes Jacqueline is to blame for her going to jail, an accusation which leaves the other housewives and Andy looking on incredulously as part one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion comes to a close. Tune in next Sunday at 10pm EST for the final installment of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Got ass implants.
  • Loves Siggy because she ‘loves so much and cries a lot’.
  • Her 102-year-old grandmother is alive and well.
  • Allegedly used to ‘despise’ and ‘hate’ Jacqueline.


  • Was arrested for shoplifting a t-shirt in 1997.
  • Joe has a very pretty penis. Pics or I don’t believe it.
  • Thinks Joe could be a penis model.
  • Joe lost his virginity at nine years old. –WHAT.



  • Flashed Dolores when she first met her because she had just removed her implants.
  • Thinks Frankie is more attractive than her son Joshua. –ME TOO.
  • Says Jacqueline’s delivery is horrible but her intentions are good. Thinks she spends too much time in her head.
  • Says “Milania is me, I am Milania”. –SAME.


  • Still believes Melissa betrayed her because she and Teresa were becoming close again.
  • Recently became a grandmother to a baby boy.
  • Acknowledges that Teresa has changed but still sees signs of “Old Teresa”.
  • Her alleged stripper names are Amber, Alanna, or Fruit Loops.


  • Joe is taking his GED while in prison and hopes to go to college when he is released.
  • Wants to touch Andy’s butt.
  • Wouldn’t drive a Ford.
  • Walked in on her brother Joe losing his virginity. –YIKES.


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