Previously on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Dolores hosted a house-warming party to celebrate her new renovations. Later, Dolores also hosted a “Ladies’ Night” at her gym, where Teresa taught a yoga class and Siggy talked about her book. Jacqueline didn’t show up for Dolores’ event because she was sick, and when Dolores called to see if she was attending, the two got into an argument. In this season’s finale, Envy hosts its first annual fashion show and Siggy hosts a luncheon for the ladies to hash out the problems they’ve been having.

 RHONJ Season 7, Finale Recap: “And Then There Were Four”

This week’s episode opens with Siggy and Dolores talking about Dolores’ fight with Jacqueline on their way to the Envy fashion show. Jacqueline told Dolores that she felt set up by Dolores when she called her and asked her if she was coming to her gym’s “Ladies’ night” despite knowing that Jacqueline was sick.  The scene then cuts to Jacqueline as she is hacking up a lung on the couch (gross).

Envy’s fashion show went well despite a small hiccup with the models not getting changed fast enough. After the event, Siggy tells Teresa and Melissa that she wants to have a luncheon at her house with all of the housewives so that Jacqueline and her adversaries can get closure. The ladies agree but do not have any plans to move forward and fix things with Jacqueline (same though).

Later on the Giudice family lawyer visits Teresa at home to see how she is doing without Joe.  Teresa says she is considering putting her house up for sale because it is a lot to maintain and she is trying to keep her family afloat. Despite all of the trouble she has been through, Tre says she likes herself better now than she ever has before.

It’s time for Siggy’s luncheon and she wisely decided to host it at Rails steakhouse as opposed to her own home, in fear of another Vermont showdown. As a precaution Siggy hired security and immediately removed all knives from the table upon arriving. Wacky Jacky is the first to arrive and tells Siggy that she only came to the luncheon for her because she knows how it feels to be in the middle of everyone fighting.

Dolores arrives and immediately hugs and apologizes to Jacqueline for their fight (ugh no Dolores, stay mad). The two friends quickly make amends and wait for Melissa and Teresa to arrive. Jacqueline tells the ladies that she’d like to speak to Melissa and Teresa one-on-one. The moment Teresa and Melissa walk into the room, Jacqueline begins barking orders to them, telling Teresa to sit down and Melissa to go outside. A firestorm quickly erupts between the ladies with Jacqueline stealing Teresa’s unforgettable line from season two and asking “is bitch better?”. Teresa fires back with an even more iconic response asking “is c— better?” (I’m screaming). Jacqueline leaves the restaurant after it became apparent that she wasn’t getting the one-on-one conversations that she demanded.

Siggy and Dolores take off their heels and run after Jacqueline’s car service, hoping to bring her back inside because Melissa is willing to speak to her. Although Siggy and Dolores ran through the entire parking lot shoeless, Jacqueline opens her car door only to wave goodbye as she and her driver drive off (rude). With Jacqueline gone Teresa toasts to the ladies for supporting her while Joe is away at “camp”. The season ends on a relatively good note as the four remaining housewives laugh and share a drink together. Tune in next Sunday at a new time of 10pm EST for the first part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • is getting certified to teach yoga.
  • didn’t come out of Jacqueline’s vagina.
  • Joe already lost ten pounds at camp.
  • does yoga witjh Danielle Staub now. – DREAMS DO COME TRUE.
  • wanted to give Jacqueline the “kiss of dead” at the luncheon.


  • hasn’t spoken to Teresa or Melissa since the luncheon.
  • thinks Melissa was jealous of her and Teresa’s relationship so she turned on her.
  • thinks Teresa isn’t a genuine person and that Melissa is unimportant.
  • is Osama Bin Laden.


  • hates autocorrect.
  • just got a pedicure.
  • stole a bunch of clothing in high school hoping to go to jail to avoid moving to Israel.
  • is disappointed by Jacqueline’s delivery at lunch.


  • is in Frank’s life insurance policy.
  • her mother dreamed she was on a plane once and that is good enough for her.
  • is declaring some financial independence from her ex-husband now that her gym business is soaring.
  • makes the “do not feed section” reference AGAIN. – I think that’s three times now?
  • kind of likes her little fight with Jacqueline because their friendship bounces right back.


  • thinks Jacqueline’s biggest problem is her paranoia.
  • has no idea how to run a fashion show but Envy’s online sales have tripled.
  • thinks Jacqueline is jealous of her relationship with Teresa.
  • Joe has a “candy stick” for her. -hubba hubba.

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