Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies cheered on Teddi during her horse show, Rinna invited Erika to Tokyo, and Dorit and PigK bashed Rinna to Teddi at their dinner party. This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills follows Rinna and Erika as they explore Tokyo, Vanderpump conducts a photo shoot for Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine, and Dorit becomes drunk and belligerent at Kyle’s dinner party.


This week’s episode opens with Rinna flying to Tokyo while Erika and Mikey are planning the pop star’s outfits for the trip. When Rinna arrives at the airport she is greeted by her daughters who are subsequently swarmed by paparazzi eager to take their photographs.

Later Vanderpump prepares a luncheon at Villa Rosa for Teddi, Dorit, and Kyle. As the rosé begins to flow so do Dorit’s gripes with Rinna. Teddi asks the ladies if Rinna is aware that most of the conversations revolve around her even when she’s not present.  Dorit replies that Rinna “knows how she acts” insinuating that Rinna should expect to be gossiped about.

* Side Note: Teddi makes a ‘Billy Madison’ reference to Vanderpump’s swans at Villa Rosa and she’s now growing on me.*


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Next Vanderpump invites Dorit to model for Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine of which she is the editor-in-chief.  Dorit arrives with and maintains a bad attitude throughout the whole shoot. She complains incessantly about the make-up artist provided, the lack of notice she was given for the shoot, and each of the photographs taken.  Vanderpump handles Dorit’s lack of professionalism with grace and explains that Dorit should be honored for the opportunity since the magazine has featured major actresses before (take a seat, Dorit).

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Erika stuns Rinna by donning a pink wing, vintage Gucci thigh-high boots and a vintage McQueen black dress.  The gal pals then visit a geisha house where they struggle through a feast of traditional Japanese sushi and afterwards are treated to a geisha performance.

Later Kyle hosts a dinner party and the power goes out moments before the guests arrive. Dorit and her incessant complaining remark that drinking is the only way she’ll make it through Kyle’s party without electricity.  Dorit sticks true to her word and takes multiple shots of tequila and becomes belligerent. She makes a flurry of drunken remarks prompting Teddi to call her frightening (I officially stan Teddi now). Despite being told to be quiet by both PigK and Mauricio, Dorit continues to flap her gums and calls Camille a stupid c**t. The housewives are shocked but Camille handles the verbal assault with elegance and fluffs the comment off. However, as the episode ends Camille reveals that she is officially over Dorit and that she doesn’t want to be associated with a “crazed drunken woman.”

Next time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Erika reveals her husband was involved in a car accident, Dorit and Teddi’s relationship splinters further, and the ladies discuss a lawsuit involving Vanderpump.  Tune in next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Still obsessed with Croatia.
  • Has PTSD from last season’s Hong Kong trip.
  • Thinks she and Vanderpump are too much alike sometimes.
  • Says Dorit has a talkative evil twin that comes out when she drinks.
  • Believes Vanderpump is a bit jealous of her and Dorit’s friendship.


  • If Ken had a bigger closet than her she would divorce him.
  • Would share Ken with Teddi.
  • Very happy to see that Camille has a great man in her life.
  • Tried to shove a napkin in Dorit’s mouth to keep her from talking.
  • Ken calls her darling when he lets his trousers down.


  • Is going to Tokyo to be the teenage model wrangler.
  • Is very impressed with Rinna’s ability to move forward with Dorit.
  • Doesn’t understand what this generation finds fascinating about watching people eat obsessively.
  • Wishes she knew she had to take her boots off at the geisha house because she would’ve worn knee-high socks.
  • Says Tokyo is the perfect place for Erika Jayne because it’s all about having absolute fun with no rules.


  • Cannot stand to be ill-prepared.
  • Thinks Kyle came back from vacation a little meaner.
  • Finds it hard to say no to Vanderpump.
  • Doesn’t do casual.
  • Is considering having another baby.


  • Says her daughters were working at a deli and making minimum wage eighteen months ago.
  • Often asks “What would Kris Jenner do?”.
  • Has always been careful to not use the word diet or shame her daughters about food.
  • Prefers sushi in LA because it “doesn’t stare back at you.”
  • Her daughter learned how to perform fellatio from her book Rinnavation.


  • Thinks Vanderpump’s house is a zoo castle.
  • Realizes that Dorit has two sides to her: fun girl to have a laugh with and trash talker.
  • Her husband has a bigger closet than her.
  • She and her husband “get off” on competing with one another.
  • Thinks Dorit is a bit of a show pony sometimes and that it doesn’t play well.

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