Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the ladies participated in Kyle’s game night where cooperation and laughter ran supreme. Once the games were finished, Pantygate drama was revisited between Dorit, Rinna and Eileen and Kim Richards’ return reignited the tension between her and Rinna sparked two seasons ago. This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sees Kim Richards’ sobriety being called into question, Erika and Kyle traveling to Mykonos for Erika’s performance, and Dorit, Eileen, and Rinna meeting to hash their issues out.

RHOBH S7E7 Recap: “It’s Expensive to Be Me”

The episode opens with Erika filming the music video for her latest single, “Expensive.” Wearing a white body suit, Erika is on a bed pillow fighting with two other women as cash flies around them (same). Eileen and Rinna arrive to show their support and even take part in their own mock video shoot.

Next Dorit is seen playing the victim again and details her version of game night to her husband. IRL internet troll, PK, delivers several lame, hypothetical comebacks to Eileen and Rinna’s criticisms of Dorit. After telling Eileen to “#getalife,” the professional misogynist tells Dorit that she does in fact talk too much, highlighting his proclivity for his wife to be seen rather than heard.

Later on, new spiritual besties, Eden and Rinna, are out shopping together. The ladies discuss the drama from game night and Kim’s supposed sobriety. Eden recognized Kim’s behavior at game night as a sign of her struggling with her sobriety and plans to reach out to her. Rinna agrees that Eden’s sober lifestyle may be the catalyst to Kim opening up about her own struggles.

Afterwards, Erika is seen packing for her trip to Mykonos where she is performing at the International Gay Festival. Erika is honored that Kyle agreed to join her on her trip and loves Kyle’s penchant for fun and partying.

Before Kyle leaves for Mykonos, she joins Rinna and Eden for lunch. Despite only meeting the Richards’ sisters once, Eden immediately questions their family history. Eden presses Kyle and asks where the alcoholism comes from.  Eden then follows with whether or not Kim is working on a system for her sobriety. Eden’s emotional investment in Kim’s sobriety is clear as she cries while questioning Kyle. Despite Eden’s emotional response, Kyle is put off by Eden’s forwardness and doesn’t wish to discuss Kim’s sobriety with her.

Later, Dorit rings Eileen and Rinna and invites them to meet and air each other’s grievances from game night. At the luncheon, Dorit admits to having a bit too many drinks at game night but refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing.  Dorit brings up Pantygate (make it stop) and blames Eileen for fanning the flames between Erika and Dorit. Rinna quickly jumps to Eileen’s defense and states that Eileen didn’t instigate any drama between the ladies. Eileen doesn’t remember the events the same way as Dorit does but apologizes if her actions came off that way. The ladies are able to put aside their differences at the end of the episode and agree to a fresh start.

The preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows Erika Jayne’s Mykonos performance, Eden and Lisa Vanderpump discussing Kim’s sobriety, and Rinna’s own sobriety being called into question after commenting about a Xanax smoothie.  Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Thinks Rinna’s behavior at game night was impulsive and inappropriate.
  • Doesn’t want to hear about or discuss Kim’s sobriety anymore.
  • Mauricio is one of the top brokers in the nation.
  • Her mother passed away from breast cancer fourteen years ago.
  • Loves how Erika Jayne always travels with her whole posse.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Wants to be called ‘Nanny Pinky’ when she becomes a grandmother.
  • Says Kyle is completely supportive of Kim’s sobriety and won’t hear otherwise.
  • Is helping her son Max locate his birth parents.
  • Claims Max wasn’t a pretty baby but turned into a doll.
  • Wanted to adopt four more children but was told she and Ken were too old at 35 to do so.


  • Erika Jayne is finally going international.
  • Is performing for 30,000 people in Mykonos.
  • The rate for the Mykonos mansion she rented is $50,000/week.
  • Doesn’t care if her music offends people and tells people to “be offended at your own life”.
  • Loves Kyle’s energy and thinks she is level-headed and non-judgmental.


  • Pays attention to details and likes things to be perfect.
  • Claims to not like tension, drama, or conflict. –debatable
  • Won’t forget how Rinna and Eileen treated her.
  • Acknowledges that she may in fact talk too much.
  • PK believes that Lisa Vanderpump is the only normal one.


  • Reaffirms that she will do anything for money.
  • Claims she is always right in the end.
  • Thinks that Kyle enables Kim’s addiction.
  • Worries that Eden’s conversation with Kim and Kyle could backfire.
  • Describes Erika’s video set as “cotton candy meets Vegas meets Miami”.


  • Wants to appear in one of Erika Jayne’s music videos.
  • Jokes that she is going to take a vow of silence after Dorit claims that she instigates drama.
  • Still wants Dorit to shut up.
  • Wants to press the reset button on her and Dorit’s relationship.
  • According to PK she should use “Uber Broomstick” to order a ride home. –OH GOOD ONE, PK.


  • Thinks Kim seems very sad and is struggling.
  • Felt no love or connection from Kyle upon meeting her.
  • Believes Kyle sees how strong she is in her sobriety and compares her to Kim.
  • Thought Kim was “vomiting spitfire fuel” at Rinna at game night.
  • Gave tough love to her sister and cut her off when she wouldn’t get sober.


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