Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a new housewife, Dorit, joined the cast, the ladies attended Erika’s 45th birthday party, and Eileen, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump were forced to interact for the first time since the tumultuous season six reunion.  On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the dynamic between Vanderpump, Rinna, and Eileen is discussed and the ladies attend Dorit’s 40th birthday bash.

RHOBH S7E2 Recap: “The Buddha Bentley Birthday”

This week’s episode opens with Kyle and Lisa Rinna taking a spin in Mauricio’s Lamborghini and discussing Rinna and Vanderpump’s relationship (again).  Rinna tells Kyle that before Erika’s party she hasn’t interacted with Vanderpump since the reunion, despite the two living within a three mile radius of one another.  After the passing of her father, Rinna realized that the drama between her and LVP is trivial and is ready to move forward.

It’s Dorit’s 40th birthday and her husband PK is planning her party. Dorit is used to being the party planner in her relationship but is relinquishing control to her husband this one time.  Before her party, PK surprises Dorit with a quarter million dollar rose gold Bentley for her birthday (PK where’s mine??).

Dorit’s 40th birthday party is here and the vibe is very laidback with the guests having drinks in the living room. Dorit is a disappointed with the chilled atmosphere, but LVP believes PK has a surprise waiting for her.  Lisa Rinna arrives and endures a few verbal jabs from Vanderpump, but remains positive. She believes that she and LVP are making progress because they are communicating even if it is only through snide remarks.

PK reveals another surprise for Dorit, a Buddha Lounge, consisting of a sushi bar, light-up dance floor, smoke machines and ice sculptures in their backyard. With the reveal of the Buddha Lounge the party atmosphere changes and the ladies head to the dance floor. While dancing, Rinna apologizes to LVP for being hard on her last season. Vanderpump accepts Rinna’s apology and the two agree to move forward and start anew (yas love the Lisas’ friendship). LVP is not as willing to move forward with Eileen and makes several spiteful comments towards her throughout the night. The party ends on a touching note though, as PK gives a speech to Dorit professing his love for her.

The preview for next week’s episode shows Eileen saying goodbye to her mother’s house and ultimately her mother, as well as Erika and Dorit butting heads (drag her, Erika). Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Thought she could call ahead at In-N-Out Burger.
  • Thinks she is more polite than Lisa.
  • Can’t see Lisa giving power to anyone to do anything to her.
  • Is sad that Boy George isn’t at Dorit’s party.
  • Wanted to borrow his eyeliner.


  • Autocorrects to “Dorito” in phones.
  • Couldn’t fake a smile if she got a Tiffany Blue Maserati. –Same
  • J Lo and Marc Anthony used to own her house.
  • Is not pleased that Erika wore a T-Shirt dress to her party.
  • Has never worn spanks in her entire life. –BITCH


  • Has done ten music videos. – ‘Painkillr’ and ‘How Many’ are pure gold
  • Has been vomiting for the past two days.
  • Her dancers are a “nasty crew”.
  • Says her T-Shirt dress is straight off the Moschino runway. – *snaps*

 Lisa Rinna:

  • Never learned how to cook.
  • Was really ugly at fifteen.
  • Isn’t as desperate as she was before. –debatable
  • Used the word “fleek”.
  • Likes LVP more than she dislikes LVP.


  • Known as the Bang Whisperer.
  • Has been a part of The Young and The Restless since 1982.
  • Wants to write her own story arc where she performs at gay bars around the country like Erika Jayne.
  • Thinks LVP’s comments are loaded and that she is hiding behind the guise of humor.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Prefers animals to people because they are more loyal than friends.
  • Adopted a horse named His Royal Highness, Prince Tardon.
  • Says British humor is way more aggressive than American humor.
  • Likes Rinna when she isn’t calling her an evil, manipulative bitch.
  • Says hell will freeze over before she apologizes to Eileen.


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