Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the housewives traveled to Hong Kong to support Lisa Vanderpump in her efforts to stop the horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival. While in Hong Kong, Rinna approached Dorit and asked her if she intimated to the other women that she had a pill problem, an accusation Dorit denied. This accusation was the catalyst to an explosive argument between Erika and Dorit during a night out on a junk boat. On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika and Dorit’s junk boat brawl comes to a dramatic close, the ladies pay their respects to a statue of Buddha, and drama between Erika and Dorit boils over again at dinner.

RHOBH S7E16 Recap: “Big Buddha Brawl”

The episode opens in the middle of Erika and Dorit’s argument, with the two women finally expressing their suppressed feelings for one another.  Erika explains that she has kept a safe distance from Dorit ever since Pantygate. Dorit acts surprised to hear that Erika was upset about Pantygate despite Erika’s initial reaction and Eileen telling her weeks prior.  Dorit refuses to accept responsibility for her actions and instead blames Eileen and Rinna for sensationalizing the whole situation. Eileen and Rinna clap back and call Dorit out on her bullshit and for being defensive.  With the women at an impasse and with no resolution in sight, Erika tells Dorit not to talk to her and leaves the boat.

The following day the housewives trek up a mountain to gain some serenity from the presence of a giant Buddha statue. After the explosive argument the night before, the spiritual trip was a much needed moment of zen for the ladies to center themselves. With a renewed sense of tranquility and spiritual peace, the ladies head to dinner for Rinna’s last night in Hong Kong before she leaves for QVC.

Dinner is barely served before Eden addresses the tension at the table (thanks Eden). Rinna seizes this opportunity to ask Dorit if she has apologized to Erika yet and of course she hasn’t. In true Mrs. Kemsley fashion, Dorit feigns amnesia and claims she doesn’t remember insinuating that Erika was trying to seduce PK by not wearing any underwear.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation between Erika and Dorit, Eileen tries to put things into perspective. Eileen asks Erika what Dorit can do to make it better and states that it wasn’t as if Dorit killed Erika’s son. Erika erupts at Eileen’s remark and explains that her son is a police officer and risks his life daily.  She goes on to further condemn Eileen for her insensitive comment. Eileen is hurt by Erika’s reaction and apologizes profusely for offending her.  With Erika’s anger directed towards Eileen, Dorit is given a momentary reprieve from the drama.

However, after Erika’s bizarre meltdown, Rinna turns her attention back towards Dorit. Rinna addresses the time she went to Dorit’s dinner party and asks Dorit why she was left alone at the table while Dorit and her guests all went inside to “touch up”. When prompted as to what she was getting at, Rinna blurts out that she thinks Dorit and her guests were doing cocaine in the bathroom (LOL RINNA).  The housewives are left gob smacked by Rinna’s accusation as the episode comes to an end.

The preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows the conclusion of the Hong Kong dinner brawl, Dorit and PK insinuating that Rinna may be schizophrenic, and Lisa Vanderpump hosting a party at Villa Rosa. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Feels bad when she sees Erika cry because she knows crying isn’t something Erika does often.
  • Was numb “all the way up to her tweeter” during the gondola ride.
  • Genuinely thinks Rinna cannot physically keep her mouth shut.
  • Thinks Rinna’s accusations of Dorit are disgusting.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Hasn’t seen Erika that vulnerable before.
  • Wanted to shake the gondola to hear Kyle and Dorit “squeal like piggies”.
  • Has eight dogs, eight swans, seven turtles, and two mini horses.
  • Would have leapt over the table at Rinna if she had insinuated that Villa Rosa was a coke den.


  • Says it felt good to tell Dorit to go “f-ck herself”.
  • Served her “Samurai Barbie” look for dinner with a Kenzo dress and a topknot.
  • Says Dorit defamed her character, made her look bad, and hurt her feelings through Pantygate.
  • Wants Dorit and PK to apologize to her husband Tom.


  • Said the altercation on the junk boat felt like a missile attack.
  • Thinks that Erika’s glamsquad has inflated her ego.
  • Says it is equally as difficult being away from PK as it is being away from her kids.
  • Thinks the only thing she and Erika have in common is their glamsquads. One make-up artist isn’t a “squad” Dorit…


  • Thinks Dorit should apologize to Erika for PK “glaring at her vagina”.
  • Will get in Dorit’s face as much as she wants.
  • Attested the craziness of dinner to the fact that she and the other housewives toasted with water.
  • Only stopped talking during dinner when her mouth was full of food.


  • Would not expect Vince, in a million years, to just stare up a woman’s skirt when she was not wearing any underwear.
  • Sees, and has always seen, Erika’s vulnerability.
  • Has burned a lot of incense in her life.
  • Prayed for Hong Kong peace among the housewives.


  • Made a blessing for each one of the housewives.
  • Reignited the drama between Erika and Dorit at dinner.
  • Was surprisingly not the focus of any drama while in Hong Kong.
  • Finally took that damn black wig off.



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