Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the drama between Rinna and the rest of the housewives boiled over while in Punta Mita. Upon returning to Beverly Hills, Rinna sat down with Eden to discuss the events that transpired in Mexico. Eden adamantly maintained that Rinna started the rumors about Kim’s sobriety and the two women agreed to move past the issue. Later, while volunteering for a charity that Rinna is passionate about, all of the ladies agree to sit down and hash everything out in the near future. On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle hosts a dessert tasting party where Kim confronts Eden and Rinna for gossiping about her sobriety.

RHOBH S7E13 Recap: “Cake Therapy”

The episode opens with hoarder Kyle having her garage organized while chatting with Lisa Vanderpump on the phone. Kyle invites Lisa to a dessert tasting party that she is hosting at her home with Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips. The two met while filming The New Celebrity Apprentice where Carnie revealed that she is now a talented dessert chef. Lisa is apprehensive about the party because Kim, Eden, and Rinna will all be in the same room together.

Later there is a brief moment between Eileen and Erika where the two practice reading lines for Erika’s upcoming role on The Young and The Restless. This moment quickly transitions to Rinna consulting Harry Hamlin for advice on her drama with Kim. Rinna had a moment of clarity after meeting with Eden and remembers saying that Kim was near death.

Kyle’s dessert tasting party is upon us and Kim brought her sponsor, Clare, for support. The party starts off innocently enough with the housewives enjoying tuna tartare and caviar. However, the atmosphere quickly changes when Eden and Rinna arrive.


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As Carnie passes out cheesecake after cheesecake, Rinna tells Kim that she has something to say. She admits to starting the rumors about Kim and apologizes. Rinna claims that it was because she was still angry about her fight with Kim at game night. Rinna’s admittance reignites past drama with Kim and the two women revisit their fight in Amsterdam from two seasons ago. In the middle of the yelling, Kim turns her attention to Eden and chastises her. Kim says that Eden, as a fellow sober woman, should be encouraging her sobriety and not questioning it. Eden attempts to defend herself but is met with contention from both Richards sisters. The three women begin to shout at each other as the other housewives look on.

In the heat of the drama, Sage Carnie Wilson provides some much needed clarity. Carnie explains that Rinna and Eden, having both lost sisters to substance abuse, are coming from a place of fear and hurt. She goes on to also explain that for Kim, being sober will always be a struggle and that is something the other ladies have to be mindful of.  Eden and Rinna hear Carnie’s words and apologize to Kim for their part in the drama and Kim just says that she wants the conversation about her sobriety to be over once and for all. The dramatic episode ends on a hopeful note as the women agree to finally put the past behind them and move forward with a clean slate.

The preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shows tensions between Erika and Dorit flaring up again, Lisa Vanderpump jabbing at Lisa Rinna, and Erika and her mother sharing an emotional moment. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Has VHS tapes of every cartoon ever made.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Is opening a dog rescue center to help shelter dogs get adopted.


  • Doesn’t know how many lives Rinna has left after this most recent argument.


  • Thinks that Rinna will do anything to deflect blame when the spotlight is on her.


  • Claims she will always tell and stick by her truth.


  • Truly loves caviar.


  • Makes Kim’s skin crawl.

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