Previously on part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, the husbands and Shamea joined the ladies and had their sights set on Phaedra and Porsha. After questioning the duplicitous duo, Peter (whose behavior seemed induced) walked off stage because he couldn’t listen to their lies any longer. Later, Shamea dragged Phaedra with some harsh insults telling her to “stop using Groupon for your plastic surgery”. Part three came to an explosive end when Porsha revealed that it was Phaedra who started the drug rumor about Kandi. On part four of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion Phaedra’s lies are exposed, throwing the ladies into a chaotic tailspin filled with tears, walk-offs, and tense backstage conversations.

RHOA Season 9, Episode 24 Recap: “Reunion Part Four”

The episode opens amidst the chaos of the drugging accusation with all eyes on Phaedra.  Phaedra claims someone told her that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug Porsha to which Porsha interjects, “No, you said Kandi told you!”.  Kandi tells a crying Porsha that Phaedra has been pulling her strings all season. In a nauseating attempt to show remorse and empathy, Phaedra consoles Porsha despite being the reason for her tears.  Kandi then confronts Phaedra for the slanderous comments she’s made about her to which Phaedra remains silent.

When pressed on the topic by Andy, Phaedra maintains that she merely repeated the rumor to Porsha from a third party source. Porsha erupts “You repeated it?! You need to stop saying that!”. Porsha then reveals that Phaedra told her just two days before the reunion that Kandi had told her personally that she wanted to drug Porsha. Kandi crying storms off the stage while Phaedra plays the victim and says “now I’m the daggone villain” (UM you sure are).

Andy calls for the ladies to take a break and everyone heads backstage to cool down.  Porsha talks to her sister and Andy and admits that she feels like she was used as a pawn by Phaedra. She claims that she would have never repeated something like that had she not believed Phaedra completely. Still backstage, Phaedra approaches Porsha and apologizes to her for repeating the information she was “told” about Kandi. Phaedra admits that she didn’t know if the rumor was true or not despite Porsha asking her of its validity when Phaedra first told her.  Realizing she lost her only friend on the show, Phaedra apologetically tells Porsha that she screwed up but Porsha just asks for a minute alone.

With the ladies all back on stage Andy asked Phaedra why, as an attorney, she would start such a slanderous rumor about someone. Phaedra tries to twist the truth and turns to Porsha and says “I don’t know if you heard me wrong or…” to which Porsha snaps back “I have texts. I asked you two days ago and you said, ‘Oh, she said it!’”. It is later revealed that Phaedra had also started the “Marvin” rumors about Kandi’s husband. Todd. The ladies and even Andy are shocked by how low Phaedra has stooped this season.

Andy then presents a montage of the drama between Kandi and Phaedra all season which seems inconsequential after the revelation that it was Phaedra who started the drugging rumor. The one-time friends discuss the legal advice Phaedra gave an ex-employee of Kandi’s and the rumors surrounding a “Mr. Chocolate”.

Andy closes the tumultuous finale by asking the women their final thoughts on the season and presenting Cynthia with a 50th birthday cake. The ladies crowd around Cynthia and wish her a happy birthday as the underlying tensions from Phaedra’s lies simmer just beneath the surface.

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be back next year for their tenth season. However, it has been confirmed that Phaedra Parks was not asked to return, having seemingly been fired for all of her lies and deception. Phaedra has removed all traces of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Bravo from all of her social media accounts.

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