Trey Songz released his sixth studio album Trigga on July 1. He does it again, stealing girls' hearts around the world through his great vocals and lyrics about love and lust. Trigga features some of today’s greatest and most popular artists, like Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber and Juicy J.

On the opening track “Cake,” Trey Songz playfully compares beautiful women to cake. Then, after the already popular “Foreign” and “Na Na,” comes “Touchin, Lovin” featuring Young Money’s Minaj. Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj make a great musical duo; their collaboration “Bottoms Up” on his 2010 album Passion, Pain & Pleasure has over 67 million views on YouTube. With Trey Songz’s clean voice (but not so clean lyrics) and Minaj’s well-known voice and fast-paced rhymes, this song is sure to be a hit. Trey Songz and Minaj love to collaborate together so much that Trey Songz even sent her flowers after they finished “Touchin, Lovin.”

Trey Songz and Justin Bieber’s voices go together beautifully for “Foreign (Remix)”, making the remix even better than the original which is already great.

In “Change Your Mind,” he tries to convince a girl to have a one-night stand with him because they “only have one life to live.” The song has a great beat and sounds like it will be a radio hit.

“What’s Best For You” shows Trey Songz in a different light than the previous songs on the album. This song is more about love than lust: “Just know that I only want what’s best for you. It’s not what’s good for me. It’s not about what I want, but it’s all about what you need.” He’s in love with a girl and doesn’t want her to leave, though he feels that may be best for her. “Mr. Steal Yo Girl” and the other two Tremaine bonus tracks close the album with beautiful vocals. In “Mr. Steal Yo Girl,” he says, “Next time that he leave you all alone. I’ll give you all the love he not. I’m about to take his spot. Let your man know that Mr. Steal Yo Girl is back.”

Mr. Steal Yo Girl is definitely back with this album, his first since 2010. He has a great persona and strong fan base and Trigga sounds like another hit for one of the world’s biggest R&B singers, Trey Songz.


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