Spoon returns with They Want My Soul. Spoon is an indie-rock band, but make no mistake, their catchy tunes have captivated any and all who have an appetite for rock and roll music. After all, their 2007 album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga floated all the way up to the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. Other albums, such as Gimme Fiction and Transference, reached similar heights on the Billboard charts. So calling them “indie” at this point is actually questionable considering their 20+ years in the rock and roll scene.

They Want My Soul is the band’s eighth album release, and it’s an instant addiction. Off the bat, the album will assure fans that Spoon hasn’t changed its style after all these years. The albums open with “Rent I Pay,” which entrances you with vibrant chimes and frontman Britt Daniel’s subtle vocals. It’s a sweet taste of what’s to come.

Daniel’s vocals take the back seat to the rocky guitar in “Inside Out.”

“Do You” is sure to be the hit of the album with its catchy pop lyrics; albeit, it gets a little repetitive after the first minute and a half. For you classic rock lovers, “Knock Knock Knock” is a fresh take on the genre with an acoustic guitar and synthesizer duo that makes a strong hybrid of rock and electronic sounds, which works shockingly well.

Spoon is a quiet force to be reckoned with, and They Want My Soul is probably their best work to date. The album manages to grab you with its classic rock styled tunes that stay relevant through experimentation with electronic sounds.

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