Admittedly, it’s no form of music, but since Dane Cook is stand-up comedy’s answer to a true rockstar, his new CD, Isolated Incident merits a review. If you only know Cook for his farcical Hollywood movie roles, you’re definitely missing out, because up in front of adoring, laughing fans is when he’s in top form.

He jumps straight into the deep end of things by bringing up race and politics in his first skit while talking about Barack Obama and the new president’s current set of problems. This then segues seamlessly into a light take on suicide and some other such intense situations. The thing about Cook is that he has such a natural, charismatic knack for making you forget you’re supposed to be sensitive about a specific subject until you realize you’re crying with laughter about the very same thing.

He gets laugh-out-loud funny when poking fun at Hillary Duff and talking about dropping his own cellphone into a toilet, so make sure you’re not listening to this in a public place, or people will definitely stare!

Even when you can’t see his actions and facial expressions, Cook is absolutely captivating – your attention is unlikely to wander through any of the 27 skits on the CD. There’s just not a moment where you want to stop listening to what he has to say about life.

Never one to point his comedy at only other people, Cook discusses his own life – his family and even his social standing on the internet. He paints himself as one of us – someone who has bad relationships, puts his foot in his mouth sometimes and is pretty much just winging it through life. And you really start to love him for it.

The CD’s great quality, too, with next to no crowd interference (which is rare on a lot of live CDs), so you won’t have to struggle to decipher the hilarity from other people’s cheers.

So make sure you hear this comedy – it is just too funny to miss, and will leave you laughing for ages. Isolated Incident – listen to it now!


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