Adam Lambert (who was the runner-up of this year’s American Idol competition, for those of you who live on another planet and haven’t heard of him yet) has created a very interesting and provocative debut release with For Your Entertainment. The 14-track album features everything from industrial rock songs to soppy pop ballads, and points the new singer’s career in a promising direction.

With all the leather-clad attitude that Lambert has exuded since he first came into the public eye, a lot of the songs fail to deliver any discernable type of vibe. This year he showed everyone how well he can pull off music in the styles of Led Zeppelin, Kiss and Queen, so weak pop songs like “Broken Open” and “Time For Miracles,” and even “Aftermath” and “Whataya Want From Me” are, to a certain extent, a disappointment to listen to.

However, there are still a lot of tracks where Lambert blows the competition away with his style and excellent voice. Opening track "Music Again” holds enough pop hooks and melody for half an album and gets the CD going at a good pace.

This segues into the first single, the title track “For Your Entertainment.” It’s hard not to like the song for the sheer obviousness that people such as Lambert are definitely here for our entertainment, but it also holds its own as a sexy, bass-driven electro-pop song. “Strut” is a similar tune where the bass line has been used so effectively that it’ll just about have you up and strutting in time to it.


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Another interesting song is “Fever,” which was co-written by Lady Gaga. It’s flamboyance is reminiscent of the Scissor Sisters and of Lady Gaga herself. The track “Sleepwalker” moves into a totally different genre, and brings screeching guitars and a heavy rock backbeat to the table. It also gives a glimpse of how heavy Lambert can make his music if he wants to.

Overall, For Your Entertainment is an excellent debut, showcasing Lambert’s cracking voice as best it can, and proving that he’s a lot more interesting and diverse than any of the other singers he shared the Idol stage with.



  • LSCH
    LSCH on

    I’m not quite sure why so many people seem to think that Adam should be singing Heavy Metal music.

    For one thing, he’s said, countless times, that he sees himself as a Pop singer. That’s what he likes to listen to. And, Pop means “popular,” which means mainstream.

    Heavy Metal and Hard Rock both have a very limited audience. Why would he do something that the majority of people aren’t going to listen to?

  • irisita69
    irisita69 on

    All critics agree this is a great debut album, and disagree on the good and disappointing tracks.
    I guess Adam was right by saying the album has music for every taste.
    I’m sure Adam will find his artistic signature in the future & when that happens…not only will he remain a megastar but his music will trascend.

  • irisita69
    irisita69 on

    BTW, a true artist’s creation comes from his inner self, and then hopefully people like and appreciate it.
    Adam has the talent to do just about whatever he choses to do. Eventually he will have to define himself.

  • Nina
    Nina on

    Ha! Seems Adam accomplished his goal of having something for everyone. Three of the four songs you mentioned as “disappointments” are my in my top five favorites on the album, particularly BROKEN OPEN being, I think, musical perfection.

  • Jenn
    Jenn on

    I agree, great start!! The album never gets boring. I love the layers and fusion of genres. It is like listening to the best of several albums all on one CD. Adam’s vocals are the golden thread that holds it all together. I don’t think Adam can be put in a box, and I like that way. I am up for the wild ride!!

  • maryann
    maryann on

    By the way, I love Whataya Want From Me. Of course, that goes for all the other songs in the album. Fantastic work!!!!

  • JerryH
    JerryH on

    Have you ever bought a CD, and liked more than the first song, I haven’t until now…so I have to give him more credit than your review did. Adam did a great job on the Whole CD, given he was creating it while on tour..

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