The duo Chloe x Halle have just released their new single “Do It” that is taking over all music platforms after their new album Ungodly Hour.

The release of the contemporary pop and R&B song came with a music video filled with well-praised visuals and even unforgettable moments between the sisters that highlight their close relationship. In the video, both sisters wear stunning outfits as they dance and showcase themselves in different intimate settings. Beyonce, who signed the pair to her management company Parkwood Entertainment, promoted their music video on her Instagram page as well as many other celebrities displaying support. 

Not only were fans delighted with this new sound, but there was even more excitement from fans when Chloe x Halle created a dance challenge to the song on TikTok.

The viral TikTok challenge called #doitchallange took off with participants around the world. Chloe x Halle even reposted some of their favorite videos from worldwide of the challenge onto their Instagram. 

This isn’t the first time the duo has showcased their ability to create a viral sensation. In 2018, the duo received their first two Grammy Nominations for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best New Artist. Last February, they graced the stage of the Super Bowl LIII NFL Pregame singing “America the Beautiful.”  

For their upcoming album Ungodly Hour, the pair have expressed their new sound of music will provide a different perception of the sisters as they become more mature, comfortable and expressive of who they are now. The sisters told Apple Music that they “want to let people enjoy themselves and challenge the idea of them being perfect angels” with this album which we see in another one of their recent singles “Catch Up” that features Swae Lee. The song “Catch Up” hints to us listeners the fun-oriented attitude this next album will have. 

The pair continue to draw more fans and support as they further establish their own genre and style of music. As their diverse musicality is praised and their videos offer listeners complex and intricate settings, music artists alike are beginning to recognize the pair as a force to be dealt with. 

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