Late Thursday evening, Coldplay released the newest single “A L I E N S” from their forthcoming EP Kaleidoscope.

Although the song takes on a sci-fi tone from the get go, with a pulsating electric guitar slicing through the background, the single has a more natural sound to it, which is a shift from their most recent release, A Head Full of Dreams. But for fans of Parachutes, the band has not totally gone back to their rock roots.

In the new single, lead singer Chris Martin sings about a migrant community on the run from some nefarious foe, forcing the innocent aliens to leave their home planet.

“Oh we just want to get home again,” Martin shouts at the song’s most pivotal moments.

Coldplay, while not typically overtly political in their music, has taken a strong position in “A L I E N S,” and the band has promised to donate all proceeds from the song to the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, a non-profit working with migrants escaping their home country by sea.

Listen to “A L I E N S” below.