Britney Spears is back from the dead (again), and this time her radio-friendly pop album and tour that is alive and kicking. Most of have heard Spears’ song "Womanizer" from her latest album, Circus, on the radio or in a club, but her other songs are just as perfect for another one of her amazing tours.

I expected a revelation from this album, an indication that Spears was finally starting to grasp the circus that is her emotional life, but found instead a reaffirmation of her sexual control and confidence. "Womanizer" is nothing more than a ’90s heartbreak castrating men and "Circus" throws the focus on her "in the center of a ring" leading the way in performances. Both, however, are perfect beginnings to this club album as they are catchy and reminiscent of "I’m a Slave 4 U."

I expected a bit more later in the album, particularly from "Out from Under," "My Baby" and "Unusual You," but only one of these songs met my expectations. "Out from Under," though a great display of her vocal ballad capabilities lacks quality lyrics revealing her resurrection. "My Baby" is vocally very similar to "Everytime," but is one of the two songs Spears co-wrote on the album. Call me pessimistic, but the moment the song opened with the words "tiny head," I did not like it. It is her way of telling the world, not her son, that she loves her children, but it is ridden with clichés and half-promises. "Unusual You," however, was the light in this album. It finally sheds a light on the singer while providing that escapist club song that Spears showed in "Toxic." She displays a side of vulnerability, expecting her heart to be broken in a refreshing testament to a relationship. It is, by far, the best song in the album.

The remaining songs, particularly the hyper and almost techno "Radar," "Mmm Papi," and "Phonography" launch Spears to her idol, Madonna, in terms of its pop quality and club potential.

Ultimately, Spears taunts paparrazi and gains (sexual) control in this album though she fails to complete understand herself and the world around her. It isn’t a magnificent comeback, but it is one that we expect from Spears and it is not a disappointment. (Though, without "Unusual You," it might have been a disappointment.)

Circus is available for purchase in stores and on iTunes (in a deluxe version). Spears is currently touring.



  • Lana
    Lana on

    I love this album! I’m so glad Britney is back in shape!

  • lana
    lana on

    I love this album! I’m so glad Britney is back in shape!

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