After what seemed like a highpoint for Doja Cat‘s career, fans are now questioning the character and intentions of the rapper following the release of footage of her making racist statements in an “incel” chat group chat.

Doja Cat released her debut album Hot Pink in November 2019 as well as music videos for some tracks on the album, sparking a major increase in her fan network. Just before this, she was widely noticed after her single “Moo” became an internet sensation. She quickly rose to fame as many people became attracted to her weird persona and confidence in her sexuality seen in her music. Her debut album showcased her credible rapping skills and her vivid style. With her collaboration with Tyga on “Juicy” and her track in the Birds Of Prey movie soundtrack, many other celebrities began to give her recognition.  


Her track “Say So” climbed the Billboard charts as the music video provided a dance routine that would later be known on TikTok as the #saysochallenge. Fans around the world began taking part in the challenge, and Doja Cat publicly showed her support for all the participation. Her fans were pleased when Nicki Minaj collaborated with her on the track months after its release which just recently reached the #1 spot after weeks of being in the top five. This is Doja Cat’s first number one on the Billboard charts, and many of her fans were incredibly happy for her.

Everything changed once footage surfaced of Doja Cat participating in a live “incel” video group chat that permits racist conversations. It is still unknown who leaked this footage, but it is clear that the person was also part of the video group chat. In the footage, Doja Cat is seen entertaining other strangers who are making racist remarks while Doja does not object to them – and even at some point laughing in agreement. She makes the statement to a white man appearing to be making sexual advances towards her, “I dare you to s–k my d–k you f—ing n—r,”  evoking laughter among the other participants.

Fans have observed that an old song that uses the derogatory and offensive word “dindu,” sparking rumors of the star being anti-black and mocking police brutality involved in the death of Sandra Bland. Old tweets have also leaked of her making xenophobic remarks towards Muslim Americans back in 2015, making it clear that this instance of racism is not the first for the artist.

Since then, Doja Cat has made public apologies as well as speaking on the matter on Instagram Live. In her written public apology, she stated she is “personally not involved in any racist conversations” and that she is “sorry for upsetting or hurting anyone.” She later went onto Instagram Live, stating “the apology is an edited piece between her editors and team” and that she “has made really dumb decisions because she’s dumb sometimes.” Many fans are still upset about the incident, believing that Doja Cat is profiting off of black culture and does not appreciate it.

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