Tori Amos, queen of the way-too-weird-for-most-people electronic-piano pop music is back with her tenth studio album, Abnormally Attracted To Sin. With an album name like this, the possibilities of the sultry, sexy music Amos could make are endless. None of that music appears on the album though, she is simply said to explore the relationships between women, power and sin. It is, instead, a rather deep and intense collection of dramatic wailings, with a few melodic tunes thrown in.

If you manage to make it through the 4 plus minute-long opening track, “Give,” in which Amos sounds like she’s echoing around in a large empty room, you’ll find “Welcome To England” to be one of the album’s better tunes. Amos sounds warmer and softer on it than on a lot of the other tracks, and the song’s lilting rhythm makes for an interesting listen.

The album becomes more friendly a few more tracks in – “Not Dying Today” and “Maybe California” are very enjoyable tunes. “Curtain Call” brings a lot more emotion into Amos’s unique voice, sounding like some of her older work, and “500 Miles” is a soft, lullaby-esque tune that merits a lot of repeats.

Feel free to skip past “Strong Black Vine,” “Starling” and definitely “Lady In Blue,” the closing track – they’re an effort to listen to and definitely don’t feel like the songstress’s best musical expressions.

This album had a darker overtone to its sound, that we don’t often hear from Amos. So you’re really going to have to be a fan of hers to buy “Abnormally Attracted To Sin.” It’s not a bad album, by any means, but her music is definitely an acquired taste, so don’t jump into buying the record if you’ve never heard any of her tracks before – it’s likely to freak you out somewhat.


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