The Virginity Hit is the second feature film by the directing duo of Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland. This is quite a sudden change in direction compared to the last project that the two wrote, The Last Exorcism, and perhaps they spent a little too little time on this one.

The movie is a faux documentary that shows the process of an 18-year-old bro, Matt, who is trying to lose his virginity after he discovers that his girlfriend cheated on him. All his friends have lost their virginity and now that Matt is down on his luck and soggy with self-pity, he will attempt to accomplish the same. The film goes through the motions in monotony as the kids spit out one immature, predictable and reusable joke after another. It’s easy to laugh at many of these “balls and fart jokes,” but unless you are of the same age as the actors in the movie, you will probably leave the theater shaking your head and wishing you had spent 13 bucks on something else.

There is really nothing memorable about the movie, or “flick” as it perhaps should be called, other than Zack Pearlman, who plays Matt’s brother. He was undoubtedly the funniest part and it was his first role in a studio picture. His funny man act is reminiscent of Jonah Hill and will more than likely land him roles in future films as the other, less funny, less famous Jonah Hill-type dude.

With as low of a budget as the film had, it stands to make huge profits — much like The Last Exorcism. The movie will most likely continue to do well after its release from theaters because much of its target audience won't be able to legally enter rated R movies for another couple of years.

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