While the early summer isn’t usually the best time to find high temperatures, we’ve found a new single that can only be described as “hot.”

The video for “The Other,” a new single from New York City based pop artist Lauv, birth name Ari Leff, premiered last week on YouTube channel Mr.SuicideSheep and in the four days since has racked up almost a quarter of a million views. The video was shot entirely on the streets of Prague and although no one would call it a comprehensive guide to the city, the vibes in the video alone are worth it.

Lauv has already garnered playtime on Sirius XM and has even picked up some famous fans along the way.


According to Leff, the rest of the album should be expected by the end of summer 2015 so keep an ear out for Lauv. In the meantime, you can follow Lauv on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and his website. Look out for big things coming from this talented young artist in the near future.

Full Disclosure: The author was involved in this project as a cameraman. That doesn’t make the following any less true.

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