Ex Machina stars Domhnall Gleeson (About Time, Unbroken), Alicia Vikander (The Fifth Estate, Anna Karenina), and Oscar Issac (A Most Violent Year, Drive) in a captivating story about a young employee who wins a chance to spend a weekend with his reclusive CEO only to figure out that things aren’t as they seem.

Ex Machina DVD Review

Ex Machina starts with a view of Caleb (Gleeson) in front of a computer screen staring down at his phone. He writes “I won” to a few friends and messages start flooding in filled with congratulations. A co-worker appears and almost immediately he is in a helicopter being dropped off at an unknown location in the middle of a field.

We then meet Nathan (Issac), Caleb’s infamous CEO, and are immediately intrigued with his presence. He is energetic yet there is an elusiveness to his demeanor. Issac is a perfect fit for the role of Nathan. He balances the “madman” CEO angel with poise and it would be hard to think of anyone else who could have played Nathan.

The story turns quickly when Caleb realizes that he isn’t just  there to spend a week with Nathan, but to test an AI named Ava (Vikander) whom Nathan has been diligently working on.

Ava is taken with Caleb and shares with him that Nathan isn’t being honest about his work and his intentions. Despite the fact that Ava is a robot Caleb shows sign of weariness around Nathan and starts to find ways to uncover the truth.

What unfolds is a fresh and innovative story about the science of human emotion. Ava grabs our empathy but eventually shows us that we don’t truly understand our creations. While Caleb’s naivety lands him somewhere he doesn’t want to be he is extremely proactive and resourceful, and ultimately underestimated.

Ex Machina does leave questions unanswered but in good taste. After finishing this movie you’ll be glad you did.