A sweet and endearing story about a boy who comes to a young married couple longing for a child to call their own, The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a tale only Disney can tell. While the couple struggles to find happiness in the midst their struggle to conceive, a young boy, Timothy (CJ Adams), miraculously appears one night calling them mom and dad. Filled with crisp frames and vivid colors, this film is not only a heartwarming story but also a visual masterpiece.

Jennifer Garner plays Cindy Green, a tour guide for the town’s local museum who faces difficult times as she tries to cope with her in inability to have a child with her husband Joe (Joel Edgerton). Joe offers his own attempt to cheer up his wife. Soon they devise a list consisting of all the traits their imaginary child would have. Boy or girl the couple doesn’t care, the lovable character he/she would have is all that matters—they would love their child with no reservations. They place their filled list into a wooden box and bury it in their backyard garden. Soon, young Timothy Green grows from the garden and sprouts leaves on his ankles. The leaves are later hidden by socks as he goes to school and befriends a young girl who is equally odd in nature.

As young Timothy goes about his business, he seems to have an agenda—to touch each life he encounters. Whether it’s Uncle Bub (Michael Emmet Walsh) or Ms. Crudstaff (Dianne Wiest), each is inspired in their own way. Not only are these people changed, but the young boy also does some mysterious changing of his own. As the seasonal leaves change, so do Timothy's own leaves — leading to a further plot twist. This magical movie inspires and uplifts in true Disney fashion.

The 2 disc DVD Blu-Ray combo pack includes:

Disc 1

This is the Family—Discover how the story took root

— The Gift of Music—Experience the conception of the movies inspiring original song “This Gift”

— Featured commentary with director Peter Hedges

Disc 2

Glen Hansard’s “This Gift” music video

— Deleted scenes commentary from the director

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