Black Rock, the thriller directed by Katie Aselton, is a Deliverance-type tale of three friends — Abby (Aselton), Lou (Lake Bell) and Sarah (Kate Bosworth) — who, due to Sarah’s scheme at reuniting Abby and Lou, who haven’t talked for years because of a longtime feud, have traveled to the coast of Maine to visit the island where the three women spent summers as kids. Soon after arriving on the secluded island, the friends begin searching through the woods for their buried time capsule, and with every step Lou and Abby open up old wounds and discuss the reason behind their estranged relationship.

In no time, three men who are hunting on the island encounter the women, startling them, one of whom happens to be an old classmate of theirs named Henry (Will Bouvier). Abby invites the guys to have a couple drinks by the campfire later that evening, where she embarrasses herself by flirting with Henry. It is soon revealed by Henry’s friends (Jay Paulson and Anslem Richardson) that the men met while on tour in Iraq and that they have all been dishonorably discharged. From this point on things take a turn for the worse. When Abby and Henry go off into the woods, Abby, fearing that Henry will rape her, kills him in self defense. Hearing the screams of terror, the group finds Henry’s body and things escalate as the women are forced to run and fight for their lives.

Black Rock on Blu-Ray special features include a film commentary by writer/director/star Aselton and co-star Bell, a behind the scenes featurette, and a look at the making of the score for Black Rock.


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Black Rock is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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