Located on the corner of Motherhood and Hollywood, Tori Spelling’s Mommywood is a tour of her house and life with husband Dean McDermott, son Liam, and daughter Stella. Complimenting the Oxygen network’s reality series Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, this new memoir explores both the blessing and the curse of celebrity parenthood.

Non-celebrity moms will be able to relate to much of the more mundane material: pregnancy tests, weight gain, nosy neighbors, diaper disasters, and temper tantrums. However, the girl-next-door quality is lost whenever that door opens up into the Twilight Zone. When Tori’s pug Mimi La Rue dies, a "pet psychic" reassures her that Mimi will return in another form. If Tori sees a Monarch butterfly now, she wonders if it’s Mimi, "telling me it’s all going to be alright."

Who’s watching the children in Mommywood? Everyone. To Liam, the cameramen are friends and he is more unnerved by their absence than their presence. He often sees mom in the weekly magazines, and prefers them to baby books. "There’s something that Britney and Angelina deliver that Barbar and Horton don’t." A birthday party thrown for Liam includes an organ-grinding monkey, a chimpanzee, a giant monkey-shaped cake, a train and tracks circling the yard, and a moon bounce. The moon bounce begs the question: what planet is this family from? Planet of the Apes, perhaps.

Tori has had a "difficult" and "intense and destructive" relationship with her mother Candy, and they haven’t been on speaking terms since publication of her first memoir, sTORI Telling. Though still holding her ground, Tori offers something of a truce in inviting her mother to contact her. Tori also holds her own against Chelsea Handler of Chelsea Lately, who criticized her for posing pregnant in a bikini for Life & Style magazine.


"Who is Tori Spelling?" is a question Tori has struggled to answer. One person in a good position to know is Hilary Liftin, who is credited as the co-writer, and graciously but discreetly thanked in the Acknowledgements: "Once again you captured my voice to a tee. You made my book me." When a memoir has two authors, it’s no surprise one of them has an identity crisis.

Tori Spelling’s public and private personas may always be blurred: with a reality show, jewelry line, kids clothing line, and production company, she doesn’t have much time for sitting still. "The fact that my life is less normal doesn’t make it less real." And the reality is that Tori wants to be a good mom, like all moms do, whatever the zip code.



  • Donald
    Donald on

    The only thing that Tori Spelling has, is her last name. She certainly does not have the looks. Sorry, but she looks like she’s been bee-stung by dozens of hornets all at once.

    Something that alot of people dont know, is that Tori’s father is the famous director/producer. I believe it was estimated at the time of his death, that he was worth close to, if not over a billion dollars.

    Whats more that most of the general public does not know, is the fact that the elder Spelling, did not leave hardly any money for his heirs. Why you may ask? Because he felt, since he was able to make it on his own, his heirs should be able to make it on their own as well.

    Therefore is the reason why Tori is doing whatever she can to stick with the lifestyle she was use to. Its been tough with her.

    She is unable to become a model. This face of her, speaks for itself. With the good generosity, others are coming to her rescue. Someone in the jewelry business has an idea that with Tori Spelling’s name, they can sell alot of jewelry. Someone in the clothing business has an idea that with Tori Spellings name, they can sell alot of clothes.

    Its a sad day to know that the only thing working for this girl, is only her last name. Even when she appeared on 90201, thanks to her dad, even with her bad acting, she was kept on the set by her dad.

  • Sammy
    Sammy on

    Do you notice where the eyes are, with this little one? Strictly concentrating on the toy in front of him. Not the toy his mother would like for him to play with, above his head.
    I’d snub my nose at that myself. Too bad this little tyke doesnt have a pretty mom. Othewise, he would be looking upwards toward heaven.

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    Tiffany on

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    Daffy Duck on

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    Melody on

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