In part five of HBO‘s Big Little Lies, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) gets into a car accident with her ex-lover Joseph (Santiago Cabrera,) Celeste (Nicole Kidman) reveals to her therapist that Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) is hitting her and Jane (Shailene Woodley) goes to see the potential man who raped her.


The episode picks up where part five left off, Jane has been pulled over for speeding. While the audience wonders if something bad will come out of this, Jane is only given a speeding ticket for the encounter. In flashbacks, we see a stricken Jane appear terrified of the man she went and saw.

Jane returns to pick up Ziggy (Iain Armitage) from Madeline’s house and reveals to her that the man she saw was not the man who raped her. When Madeline suggests that she leave the past behind her and not push it anymore, Jane gets angry and storms off.

When Perry tells Celeste that he won’t be able to attend the premiere of Madeline’s play due to a work event in Phoenix. He suggests that Celeste skip and go with him, but her loyalties rely with Madeline and she turns him down. She appears upset that he can’t make it to the show.

Madeline calls Celeste to tell her about the encounter with Jane. The two of them discuss Jane’s actions and wonder what they can do to help. When Madeline calls Celeste’s life perfect, Celeste insists that she has faced hardships in her life.

Ziggy’s teacher reveals to Jane that some of the parents have started a petition to get Ziggy suspended from school. When she sees Renata (Laura Dern) coming towards her, she storms her and the two begin yelling at one another. When Jane pushes Renata, the two begin to fight until Jane hits Renata’s eye and knocks her to the ground.

Celeste provides more details to her therapist who reveals that Celeste needs an escape plan. She suggests that Celeste get herself an apartment to escape to in the case that something gets bad, she also suggests that celeste confide in people so she will have witnesses.

Jane goes to Renata’s house and apologizes for hitting her. The two discuss the fear they have for their children and begin to form a bond. It appears that the two of them have found common ground and settled their differences.

Perry returns to surprise Celeste and attend the premiere with her. When he begins to get frisky as they’re preparing to leave, Celeste pushes him away. He grabs her hair and she swings a tennis racket at his penis, sending him to the ground.

When Celeste doesn’t show up to the premiere, Madeline and Jane begin to worry. She eventually calls to tell them that she hurt Perry during sex. When they return home from the hospital, Perry tells Celeste that she’s lucky he didn’t kill her. This prompts her to start looking at apartments.

Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) reveals to Nathan (James Tupper) that Abigail’s (Kathryn Newton) passion project is to sell her virginity online in protest of child sex trafficking. His response is less than positive as he fights to make her take the piece down. He eventually calms down and tries to reason with Abigail, but she refuses.

Renata asks Jane if Amabella (Ivy George) and Ziggy can have a playdate, stating that nobody can watch them like the two of them. When other people question the friendship, Renata and Jane team up to tease their counterparts.

Madeline and Ed (Adam Scott) go to Nathan and Bonnie’s for dinner where Nathan reveals Abigail’s passion project to Madeline. A disgusted Madeline begins to vomit uncontrollably. She runs to Abigail and tries reasoning with her. When Abigail tries calling Madeline perfect, she reveals to her daughter that she had an affair a year earlier. This seems to change Abigail’s mind.

Ziggy’s questions of his father get worse and worse throughout the episode, ending with him performing a song about needing his mother to give him answers about his father.

Catch a peek at next week’s episode, the finale, below:

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