In part three of HBO‘s Big Little Lies, Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) go to marriage counseling, Jane (Shailene Woodley) reveals that Ziggy’s (Iain Armitage) father raped her and Madeline’s (Reese Witherspoon) daughter Abigail (Kathryn Newton) leaves to live with her dad.


The episode begins with Madeline meeting with her ex-husband Nathan (James Tupper) who both discuss Abigail’s best interests. He proposes that he and Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) have dinner with Madeline and Ed (Adam Scott,) later revealing that the whole idea was Bonnie’s idea.

Celeste reveals to her husband Perry that she’s going to act as Madeline’s lawyer to help her not get the school play shut down. When he gets upset, she asks if he’s going to hit her, his response of “do you want me to hit you?” is disturbing.

Madeline returns home to find Ed dressed as Elvis, serenading her as she walks in the door. She reveals the dinner date with Nathan and Bonnie. While Ed agrees it could be good, Madeline shares her disgust with the idea.

Jane’s fear is heightened as she begins remembering the night she was raped again, brought to light after she revealed the truth to Madeline. Ziggy begins asking more about his dad, while Jane is reluctant to share.

Perry worries that Celeste is stressing herself out and that this lawyer job will add strain to her life, she sees it as him trying to control her. He admits he wants another baby with her, a girl. The two make very sweet love, insinuating a healthy relationship between the two.

Jane and Madeline are at lunch discussing their reactions to Jane’s reveal. While Jane has developed a higher sex drive, Madeline fears talking too much about sex. Jane says she’d “kill him if she could.” Madeline seems slightly disturbed by this but brushes it off.

Ed arrives at Bonnie’s workout studio to discuss what’s happening between their spouses. Ed shares that the two of them are to keep the peace at the dinner.

Madeline says that she has potentially found Jane’s rapist. At the meeting with the mayor, Celeste and Madeline argue against Renata to try and keep the school play intact. Afterwards, Madeline calls Celeste brilliant. Celeste reveals how much she loves being a lawyer, admitting that she doesn’t feel like being a mother is enough.

Ziggy’s teacher, Ms. Barnes (Virginia Kull) calls Jane to a dinner, telling Jane that she believes Ziggy might be bullying her. While she has no evidence, she suspects that Ziggy is behind Amabella’s (Ivy George) sad attitude. Jane begins getting aggressive to defend her son.

Madeline reveals to Celeste that the play director kissed her and the two of them shared a small intimate moment before Madeline slapped him for taking it too far. The two giggle over the whole story, like young school girls.

Ed and Madeline discuss the whole Bonnie situation and she replies with “exactly how psychotic do you think I am?” She then breaks down in front of him, clearly feeling guilty for her kiss with the play director.

When Celeste reveals that she has another meeting as a lawyer, Perry gets upset with her and begins choking her. One of their kids walks into the room and the two parents scatter, Perry begins crying for lashing out.

Jane talks with Ziggy’s new child psychologist, recommended by her teacher. She says that he doesn’t show signs of a bully and that he seemed to be telling the truth when he revealed that he didn’t hurt Amabella. She also reveals that Ziggy is upset about not getting to hear about his father.

It’s revealed that Madeline and the play director had an affair a year ago. He tries to rekindle the flame but she pushes him away.

Celeste goes back to the marriage counselor and reveals that she wants to work again but Perry won’t let her. She describes Perry as possessive but say’s that’s just how it is. The counselor wants to know why she’s afraid of her husband. Celeste repeats that she’s not afraid.

Madeline and Celeste show Jane the man that they think raped her. Jane agrees that it may be him. When they tell her where he lives, we see Jane practicing shooting at a range and a look in her eyes that might mean she wants to go find him.

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