As one of the five senses, audio is an important component in day to day life. Whether you’re listening to your favorite songs or are conversing with an associate through your phone, you want a quality device to transmit sound. The AKG N60NC Wireless on-ear headphones strive to deliver the pure melodic output you deserve.


The Wireless, a Bluetooth-enhanced iteration of the wired AKG N60NC headphones, maintains a considerable level of quality. A 51-inch wire is included in the package. Additionally, a USB charging cable, flight adaptor and a small cable with mic and remote are also bundled within the box.

Whether you utilize the Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities or prefer to use its wire, you’ll enjoy clarity with the sound. Unsurprisingly, however, the audio output suffers somewhat if you’re not using a wired connection. Disappointingly, the headphone lacks a sidetone feature, which is a noticeable omission.

A button is situated on the right earcup, which allows you to pause or resume your music, or answer and end phone calls. CNET’s reviewer expressed some dissatisfaction with how it isn’t perfect. However, one appreciated luxury is the portability. The N60NC Wireless can condense itself into its fabric traveling case, making it easy to bring it anywhere. Furthermore, the device weights around seven ounces, meaning it won’t encumber you if it’s in your packet or resting on your head.

AKG prides the effective noise cancelling technology the Wireless is infused with. This feature uses high-quality materials, protein leather and memory foam, to guarantee there will be little outside interference. In terms of the battery life, the Wireless’s rests at 15 hours if its Bluetooth and noise cancellation features are enabled. If only the latter is enabled, then the battery life can extend up to 30 hours.

An AKG N60NC Wireless headphone will cost $299.95. While its price does somewhat exceed its feature list, the Wireless does excel in its strengths. So, if you need a compact headphone, this is a recommendable option.

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