Nash Grier And Cameron Dallas On 'The Outfield,' Becoming Vine Stars

Interview By uInterview Founder Erik Meers

Vine stars Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas costar in the comedy-drama The Outfield, which explores the world of a trio of star high school baseball players and best friends.

Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas On ‘The Outfield’

Neither Grier nor Dallas had long harbored hopes of launching an acting career. The social media mavericks hadn’t set out to take over Vine either. But the two teens quickly saw the potential of their Internet popularity and became determined to make the most of it.

“I didn’t wake up one day and decide, ‘Yo, I’m gonna make videos, I wanna be an entertainer.’ It was like I kind of fell into it. I saw my friends all over this app and there were some hilarious videos on there,” Grier told uInterview. “I just downloaded it and made a couple videos, and then I woke up the next day and had like 50,000 followers and it was insane. I remember that feeling I had,and I was like, ‘Yo, I just wanna keep this going, whatever this is.’ I just tried harder and harder to get more and more followers, and then once I had like a million I was like, ‘Alright, how can I make this a career?’”

For Dallas, it was a similar story.

“I would notice how much traction [Vine] had and how popular it was, so I started taking it more seriously,” Dallas said. “Going from posting goofy things with my friends to posting comedy skits and other things like that. I probably got around to — I don’t know if it was a million – maybe like 750,000 followers.”

Grier and Dallas were introduced a couple of years ago when they were both tapped to participate in a tour called MAGCON with fellow young social media whizzes.

“We all kind of came together from different parts of the country. And I think that really opened all of our eyes to saying like, ‘Yo we all wanna move to L.A., we all wanna get into entertainment, and we all just wanna do this because look how amazing it is,’” said Grier. “I think we all just fell in love with it then.”

Cut to the present, and Grier and Dallas have jumped from starring in 6-second video clips to costarring in a feature-length film. The transition wasn’t as hard as one might imagine, according to Grier. They were, after all, accustomed to being on sets and acting in skits. Furthermore, they were already friends, so it was easy playing buddies on film.

“Our relationship in the film is very unique; I would say there’s nothing like it. I say this with like within the relationship that these three guys have with each other, it’s pretty intense, but it’s like loyalty and friendship at its best, honestly,” sad Grier, adding. “It wasn’t really hard to act that because we had already experienced that with like two years of just being friends.”

The Outfield will be released through video on demand on Nov. 10.

Text by Chelsea Regan 

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