On last night’s Saturday Night Live, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson stopped by the Weekend Update as their Zoolander characters, Derek Zoolander and Hansel to discuss fashion in politics.

“Listen, Colin, we’re not here to talk about fashion,” Hansel told host Colin Jost. “We’re here to talk about the one thing everyone wants to hear male models talk about: politics.” When Jost asked what they wanted to discuss, Hansel replied, “fashion.”

The two continued the back and forth about the different styles that the presidential candidates have been wearing over the past few weeks.

“Hillary’s from the ‘90s, which are very hot right now,” Hansel explained about Hillary Clinton.

They also commented on Bernie Sanders‘ idea of fashion saying that he is the “champion of the 99 percent — apparently the 99 percent off at J.C. Penney.”

The actors didn’t let DonaldTrump get off without some fashion criticism either. “Donny’s just like us. He has the classic male model looks,” Zoolander said. When Jost asked if he was referring to the trademark Blue Steel facial expression, Zoolander answered, “Exactly. But Donny has Orange Mocha Crapaccino.”

Blue Steel and Hansel also confused candidate Ted Cruz with Tom Cruise. When a photo of Cruz was shown, Zoolander announced: “Next we’ve got Tom Cruise. He’s totally let himself go. This is a real mission impossible for his stylist.” Hansel joked back that it “makes me want to keep my eyes wide shut.”  Zoolander responded: “He should take his top gun and do some risky business with a cocktail.”

Zoolander 2 in theaters now.

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