Jovian, the lemur that starred on PBS children’s series Zoboomafoo, died on Monday at 20 years old.

‘Zoboomafoo’ Lemur Dies

Jovian’s passing was announced on the Duke Lemur Center website. Jovian, a Coqueral sifaka lemur, died of liver failure.

“Within the Lemur Center, Jovian was known as an exceptionally capable and caring father, having sired 12 sifakas by two different partners, leading to four grand-babies, with two more on the way,” Jovian’s obituary on the Duke Lemur Center website reads.

“Outside the Lemur Center, Jovian was famous as “Zoboomafoo” the leaping, prancing otherworldly star of the PBS KIDS show by the same name, hosted by brothers Martin and Chris Kratt,” it continued. “He was a graceful, long-limbed co-star with cream and russet fur and bright, intelligent yellow eyes and he taught millions of children what a lemur is. The show aired 65 episodes in just over two years, 1999-2001, and continues in syndication.”

Jovian, who was born in 2004, was selected to join the Zoboomafoo show in 1997 along with his parents Nigel and Flavia. “You can probably see all three of them on the show, but Jovian was the star,” Kratt said. “He was young and good-looking and very gentle.”

After news of Jovian’s death broke, the Internet erupted in tributes from young adults who’d watched Zoboomafoo as children

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