Zelda Williams shared a picture of a new tattoo she had inked to remember her late father, Robin Williams.

Zelda Willams' New Tattoo

Zelda took to Instagram on Thursday with the snap of the ink, captioning it, “For poppo. Thank you to the incomparable @dr_woo_ssc for so beautifully bringing my reminders to life. I'll always put my hand out to shake with a smile."

The tattoo tribute Zelda had done features Robin’s birthdate – “7.21.51” – on her wrist. On the outside of her hand, just below her thumb, Zelda had the tattoo artist draw a hummingbird. Incidentally, a hummingbird was featured on bracelets that were given out at the reception following Robin’s funeral.

In her Instagram post, Zelda went on to clarify that the account from which she was posting is her only account and that all others are fake. Following her father’s death, Zelda was harassed on social media and had taken a break from her Twitter and Instagram accounts to avoid the disturbing comments. In her absence from the platform, individuals created fake ones.

“As for this Instagram, I don't know in what capacity I'll continue using it in the future, but I'm leaving it up regardless so that fake accounts hoping to use my name or misuse my family's photos will get no traction,” Zelda, 25, wrote. “To be clear, this is MY ONLY account. Publicly, I have Twitter, and this. If other people post quotes and photos claiming to be me or my family, please, do not send them personal information or click links, even for charity. They could be utilizing sympathy to scam you. For the record, no one has ever or will ever speak for me but me. Thank you.”

Robin Williams committed suicide two months ago. The actor, best known for movies like Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poet’s Society, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire, had long battled depression. He’d also recently learned that he had Parkinson’s Disease.

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