Zayn Malik, the former One Direction member who split with the group in 2015, has released the video for his new single, “Still Got Time.”

The video shows a stoned Malik floating around a raging party of teens and young adults smoking, drinking, and having sex. Malik is either lighting a joint, smoking the joint, or taking a sip of a drink in nearly ever scene he appears in. The video seems to, in some ways, glorify the bad-boy persona Malik looked to make for himself after his departure from his former band.

The song itself, made in collaboration with Partynextdoor, condemns committed and monogamous relationships.

“Just stop looking for love, you still got time / Girl, you know you still got time,” the chorus says.

While at the beginning of the video, everyone is smiling and having fun, by the end, most of the faces shown are marked by blank stares and drooping mouths. Despite the song’s call to stay away from relationships, everyone appears incredibly lonely by the end of the video. Malik doesn’t interact with anyone in the video, except for the capuchin monkey that appears on his shoulder at one point.

The video was directed by Calmatic and was shot in Malik’s home in London.

Watch the “Still Got Time” video below.

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