It was announced this week that Zack Snyder would release a remastered version of the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in addition to his cut of Justice League being released on HBO Max. The movie will be updated in order to restore the IMAX ratio that Snyder originally wanted before it was released. This revelation was first made by Snyder in a post on the social media app Vero, in which he stated “was at Co3 yesterday with Stefan and we were working on the remastering of BvS restoring the IMAX aspect ratio and I think you’re gonna see a bit more.” In addition to the IMAX ratio being restored, Snyder will also make a few color corrections to the final film in order to make it more appealing.

Even though Snyder is releasing an updated version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it has been revealed that he is not actually adding new footage that had not been seen by the public before, unlike his version of Justice League where there are completely new scenes and story elements that are being added to the final product. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice originally received negative reviews when it was released in 2016, with critics and audiences panning the depressing environment, Batman (Ben Affleck) deliberately killing a large number of people, the casting choice of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and the confusing story choices that made little sense. Most aspects of the film aside from Affleck’s performance as Batman basically did not work for the fans. In response to this, Snyder released a longer version of the film titled Batman v Superman: The Ultimate Edition, which gained more favorable reviews from people who were not pleased with the theatrical cut.

Snyder’s remastered version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be released sometime before his cut of Justice League. However, it is unclear if it will be released on HBO Max or just home media.

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