Zac Efron joined Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious game of Egg Russian Roulette on Monday night.

Zac Efron Plays Russian Roulette On ‘Jimmy Fallon’

Efron faced off with Fallon in a game of Egg Russian Roulette on the Tonight Show.

In charge of starting the game was Fallon’s creepy assistant Higgins, who appeared out of the shadows with a carton of eggs. “Here in my hands — I have one dozen eggs. Eight of them have been hard-boiled and four of them are still raw,” Higgins explained with a sinister voice.

For the rules of the game, Efron and Fallon had to take turns smashing one egg at a time on top of their head, with no put-backs. The first person to smash two raw eggs on their head loses the game.

Efron was up first and he quipped, “I feel like I’m in the last scene of Deer Hunter right now,” as he chose an egg from the carton.

Efron shook his egg a bit, trying to figure out if it was raw. “You can kinda tell,” Efron told Fallon.

“No you can’t tell,” Fallon laughed. “I played this game before. That’s what makes it fun.”

Finally, claiming he has no fear, Efron pounded the egg on his head and when the egg did not break, the crowd applauded the actor for choosing a hard-boiled egg.

Fallon was up next and lucked out with his own hard-boiled egg.

But, as the game went on, Efron chose a raw egg, ruining the suit “he loved,” while Fallon got away with another hard-boiled.

Unfortunately, Fallon’s luck did not hold, as he was declared the loser after choosing two raw eggs in a row.

“You have so much egg on your face,” Efron joked.

Check out the game of Egg Russian Roulette below:

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