Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players will be delighted to discover an Easter Egg buried in the game’s Nuketown Map.

YouTube Shares NUK3TOWN Black Ops 3 Easter Egg

The map, which was based on the nuclear test scene from Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Cyrstal Skull, contains numerous, seemingly useless robot-like mannequins. Shooting their arms off is the extent to which players previously thought they could interact with the mannequins but one perseverant YouTube user has revealed a hidden purpose.

User THEHIDDENBLADE01 has demonstrated that if you shoot all the mannequins arms off within two minutes the mannequins inexplicably come to life, arms intact once more, and proceed to act like murderous, rampaging zombies.


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Interestingly the mannequins only move to attack when you’re not looking at them, which the user deems to be nod to Doctor Who villains, the Weeping Angels, killer statues that can only move to kill their victims when they’re not looking.

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