Liza (Sutton Foster) and Kelsey (Hilary Duff) have a lot on their plates with their slacking new author, Jade Winslow. In the meantime their boss Diana (Miriam Shor) is working to secure a new male feminist novel for their publishing house, Empirical Press.

‘Younger’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

They take charge in trying to snatch male feminist and author, Hugh Shirley. Diana actually hates it but has to act like she loves it for the sake of the company.

“I am not going to sell this as a book. No I’m going to sell this as an anthem, a call to action for a new generation,” Diana said.

She pitches Empirical Press to Shirley and he loves her and signs with them.

Liza and Kelsey are awaiting the first chapter from Winslow but in the meantime she is blowing all her money. Kelsey shows her a picture that she posted where she bought a $1200 diamond pacifier. This sparks an idea for Liza: to write the first chapter based off her social media.

“She basically posts every moment of her life online. It’s like she’s writing her autobiography. 140 characters at a time,” Liza said.

All she had to do was add in a little narrative and she finished the chapter in time for the next morning.

Kelsey and Lauren love the chapter and they leak it on a fashion website so Charles can see it.

Kelsey decides to go out with stuck-up fellow intern from her past, Brad Westlake, who currently works at rivalry publishing house, Achilles. She manipulates him into thinking that Winslow is worth more than she actually is, considering there is really no book at all. Kelsey convinces him to take Winslow’s book for double what Empirical paid. Achilles loses a total of $500,000 to Empirical.

Diana makes a terrible decision to go out to dinner with Shirley.

He drags on and on about irrelevant things that always have to deal with the inequalities between men and women.

At this point, Diana is begging the waiter for more wine. She loses her temper for a minute but still encourages him that his book will be a massive success. One thing leads to another and next thing you know she’s all over him. Maybe it was the wine. When she begs him to come home with her, he denies because he doesn’t want to demean her. Instead he insists on calling her tomorrow to make sure she’s really interested.

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