Yoenis Cespedes, the Oakland Athletics outfielder, won the 2013 Home Run Derby that took place at Met’s ballpark Citi Field on Monday evening.

In the first round, Cespedes hit a whopping 17 homeruns, a number of which landed in the stadium’s left field upper deck. In regular game action, batters very rarely manage to get the ball up there. Talking about his early stride, Cespedes said, “While I took my first five swings, I felt that I was really into a rhythm, and felt that I could put on a show like I did tonight.”

After the first round, Cespedes moved forward with fellow outfielders, the Nationals' Bryce Harper and the Rockies’ Michael Cuddyer, and Orioles first baseman Chris Davis. In the second round, Cespedes could have sat out and still made it to the finals, but he secured the spot by adding six more homers to his tally. Harper also advanced.

In the final round, Harper hit eight homeruns. When Cespedes took up the bat, he reached nine homeruns within just five of the 10 outs allotted. His last homer, hit back into center field, measured an impressive 455 feet.

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First Round Totals
Yoenis Cespedes: 17
Chris Davis: 8
Bryce Harper: 8
Michael Cuddyer: 7
Pedro Alvarez: 6
Prince Fielder: 5
David Wright: 5
Robinson Cano: 4

Second Round Totals
Cespedes: 6 (23 total)
Harper: 8 (16)
Cuddyer: 8 (15)
Davis: 4 (12)

Final Round Totals
Cespedes: 9
Harper: 8