A Yankees fan fumbled the ring while attempting to propose to his girlfriend during Tuesday night’s game.

Yankees Fan Fumbles Proposal

Andrew Fox, 29, had arranged to propose to his girlfriend Heather Terwilliger, also 29, at the Yankees game against the Red Sox last night. With Frank Sinatra blaring, the jumbotron and the eyes of thousands of fans fixed on them, Fox pulled out the ring box. Before he could get down on one knee, the ring fell, leaving him and surrounding fans scrambling.

Eventually, a nearby fan recovered the ring and Fox managed to propose to Terwilliger, who gladly accepted the ring.

“Definitely not the way I planned it out,” Fox told the YES Network after the game. “I thought it was just gonna be a simple kneel down and pop it out and ask her, but it instantly just dropped out. I was so scared I started to cry.”

Terwilliger added, “I didn’t know what to think. It was all a shock, it came so quickly. I felt really bad. It was good that we found it.”

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