Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper Andre Johnson, better known by his stage name Christ Bearer, cut off his penis in an apparent suicide attempt earlier this week. Days later, the hip-hop organization has decided to comment on Johnson’s shocking act.

Wu-Tang Clan Responds To Christ Bearer's Alleged Suicide Attempt

Initially, Wu-Tang Clan appeared to want to distance the brand from Johnson, claiming that he wasn’t involved with them. Upon further reflection, it was realized that Johnson’s rap group Northstar had long been signed to Wu-Tang productions. Despite the obvious connection, Wu-Tang seems to have little sympathy for Christ Bearer.

"What Christ Bearer did was unfathomable,” read Wu-Tang Clan's Heathcliff Berru. “I feel for his family at this time."

In a longer statement, the Wu-Tang Clan seemed to make light of Johnson’s alleged suicide attempt and self-mutilation. "Besides who cuts their D–k off ? and jumps off a balcony?” read a statement the group gave to E! News. “Guess Old Habits DONT die HARD.LOL no pun intended..Thats not A WUTANG style we are familiar with over here."

"Even Old dirty [expletive] burning with Gonorrhea didn't cut his d–k off and by all accounts he was one Crazy motherf–ker !!” the statement continued. “We loved every bit of his brilliant Craziness… and his problems the good bad and ugly ..But Cutting Off your d–k and jumping off the balcony is Just Not the WuTang Way its just something we don't and wouldn't do round here nor do we condone such actions."

"I hear it wont rejuvenate itself and is not re attachable,” the statement went on. “More important Maybe he will lay off what ever DRUGS he was on, cause I sure as hell hope he wasn't straight"

Supreme Has Christ Bearer's Back

Not everyone is convinced that Johnson was on drugs, including fellow Wu-Tang affiliated rapper Supreme. Supreme said that he didn’t think Johnson was mentally ill or did any drugs besides weed to TMZ. Now that Johnson is in the hospital and on the mend, Supreme says it’s time to “let the brother heal.”

Johnson took to Twitter of Friday, writing simply, “Peace – feeling blessed.”

– Chelsea Regan

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