Brad Pitt has a successful summer blockbuster with his new action flick, World War Z – a.k.a the most expensive zombie movie ever made. World War Z made headlines last year due to re-shoots, a delayed release and reports of off-screen conflict, but it seems to have overcome the negativity surrounding its production.

Directed by Marc Foster, who also directed Quantum of Solace, World War Z has garnered an array of good reviews, and earned $66 million domestically opening weekend and, including international markets, earned a total of $111.8 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Despite the box office success, World War Z came in at number two this weekend, trailing behind Monster’s University, which earned a reported $82 million at the domestic box office.

World War Z, produced by Paramount and based on the novel by Max Brooks, boasts a total of five screenwriters, many of who were brought in as script doctors over the course of pre-production and even mid-shoot. For some critics, the finished film failed to overcome the behind-the-scenes drama. “The movie’s fundamental problem is that it’s boring. It should have been called ‘World War Zzzzzzs,” writes Peter Suderman of The Washington Times.

Other critics echo this statement, forming the consensus that, though impressive and fun, World War Z suffers from an underwhelming screenplay. “A bunch of impressive set pieces stitched together rather than a good story, convincingly told, this gargantuan production should ride Brad Pitt’s name, teeming action scenes and widespread interest in all things zombie to strong box office returns, particularly internationally,” added Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter.

The film revolves around Gerry Pitt, an ex-U.N. investigator-turned-family man, who is enlisted by the government to track down ground zero for the zombie infection. Essentially, it was meant as a vehicle for Pitt to become an action hero and save the world from the undead.

Though the newest zombie movie to come out of Hollywood has yet to make a profit, Paramount is reportedly seriously considering a sequel.

World War Z also stars Mireille Enos (The Killing) and features Matthew Fox (Lost). It is currently in theaters everywhere.

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