Woody Harrelson, the actor and outspoken marijuana advocate, was one of 60 people who applied to open one of the first medical marijuana dispensary in Hawaii. He applied under the name of his company Simple Organic Living.

“Marijuana’s about marijuana,” Harrelson told Esquire in 2008. “That’s a consensual, victimless crime. That’s saying, I think I should have the freedom to do whatever the hell I want to do if I’m living in a so-called free country, as long as I’m not hurting someone else. That’s freedom. If I’m gonna hit myself on the head with a hammer so be it. That’s freedom.”

Other applicants include Henk Rogers, the video game entrepreneur famous for creating Tetris (under his company that advocates for energy independence, The Blue Planet Foundation), producer of local television show Hawaii Stars, Dirk Fukushima, and former University of Hawaii Regent Charles Kawakami.

The state granted eight licenses in 2015 for marijuana business owners across the islands, allowing the businesses two production centers and two retail dispensaries (16 dispensaries statewide). All applicants must be at least five-year residents of Hawaii and have $1 million before applying for licenses, plus $100,000 for each dispensary location.

Hawaii was the first to legalize medical marijuana 16 years ago. There have been proposals to legalize recreational marijuana, although they’re not likely to pass.

The applicants will find out whether or not they’ve received their license on April 15. The dispensaries will open on July 15.