Elton John‘s 33rd studio album titled Wonderful Crazy Night, released this Friday, marks a nostalgic return to the wild 70s with an upbeat and optimistic feeling. John doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering harmonies and piano riffs in his authentic and familiar style.

‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ by Elton John Album Review

A follow-up to the darker 2013 album The Diving BoardWonderful Crazy Night is another collaboration with producer T Bone Burnett, but an altogether different affair. Soulful, bluesy, and at times Southern-sounding, it is a lively venture, showcasing the singer’s virtuosity on the piano and reminiscing of the music of the 70s and 80s rather than impressing the listener with any ingenuity in its other features. The downside is that most of the songs sound similar to one another, channeling an almost identical optimism. Wonderful Crazy Night is consistent in its atmosphere throughout, but it fails to avoid being monotonous at times.

The title track on the album sets the tone of the record right off the bat. With a groovy opening, John’s most recent work is instantly gripping, asserting a positive change in the singer’s creative mood. “Blue Wonderful” is perhaps one of the most toned-down tracks on the album. A reaffirming ballad about optimism and silver linings, even when the sound assumes a more melancholy dimension it quickly returns to its positivity, rendering the song rather lively and energetic.

John’s vivid keyboards are an integral part of almost every song on the album, including highlights like “In The Name Of You” and “Claw Hammer.” Ultimately, Wonderful Crazy Night may not contain any instant classics in the singer’s already prolific repertoire, but it highlights John’s unceasing creativity and love for life.

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