Jennifer Lawrence fangirl Kitty shelled out $25,000 to resemble the 23-year-old Oscar winner.

$25,000 To Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

Kitty, 30, is a married mom of a five-year-old daughter, who works in Texas as a dog trainer. While going about her day-to-day, Kitty realized that people thought she bared a resemblance to Lawrence, the recognizable Hunger Games star. With a desire to look even more like Lawrence, Kitty resolved to go under the knife.

"I don't think you have to be crazy to want to look better or feel better about yourself. That's not crazy,” Kitty defended herself to ABC News. "I am a strong woman. I am in charge of how I look and I can change that and then change that again if I want. I'm not trying to look like Pamela Anderson here during her Baywatch days. I'm trying to look like a very capable, very personal level-headed female who is an Academy Award winner."

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Although Kitty clearly finds Lawrence’s looks enviable, her husband isn't too sure. He expressed ambivalence about the American Hustle actress’ appearance, but agreed it might not be a bad change for his wife if it meant she’d gain confidence – particularly in the bedroom.

Kitty’s six-hour surgery included liposuction, breast augmentation, fat grafts for both her cheeks and butt and a nose job.

Kitty On Paying For Plastic Surgery

In order to pay for the costly operation, Kitty accessed her savings. With a child to care for and one day send to college, Kitty rationalized that she has enough time to once again set aside the thousands of dollars she spent to look like Lawrence.

"Basically the money that I had for this was money that I had saved from previous job … so it was sort of a 'me fund,'" Kitty said. "My child's only five and I'm still just barely 30 so I think I still feel like maybe it's naiveté but I still have some time to rack up some money to help her when the time comes."

Another woman ABC News followed, named Rosie, spent $8,000 for surgery to help her look more like Fast & Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez. Although she didn’t think the operation made her more closely resemble the actress, she was grateful for her more youthful appearance.

– Chelsea Regan

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