A woman broke into Robert De Niro’s home on the morning of December 19, attempting to steal multiple gifts from under his Christmas tree. 

Police arrested 30-year-old Shanice Aviles on burglary charges after she was seen entering the actor’s home at 2:45 a.m.

The is reportedly suspect is known to the New York Police Department.


Police officers saw Aviles traveling down a street on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, trying different doors to commercial buildings before allegedly breaking into the residential building.

They followed and arrested her on the first floor, the source said.

The actor and Aviles had no interaction. 

The Aviles’ case raises questions on the state’s controversial changes to bail reform where burglary is now a non-bailable offense. 

Due to high recidivism in burglaries, New York City Mayor Eric Adams pushed to allow judges to set bail in repeat cases for certain crimes that involve property. 

However, judges are not applying this law. Aviles has 26 prior arrests, including 16 burglaries and petit larcenies. 

She represents the rising rate of felony recidivism. According to NYPD data, for burglaries within 60 days, recidivism was at 24% in 2021. This is compared to just 7% in 2017, before bail reform. 

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