Bachelor Pad got real on Monday night's finale, when finalists Rachel Trueheart and Nick Peterson beat out Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon by landslide votes from their former Bachelor Pad mansion housemates … only to have Nick pull one over on Rachel by choosing to keep the $250,000 prize money, leaving Rachel, who chose to share the money, with nothing.

The season finale shocker, which brought former contestants Ryan, Swat, Donna, David, Kalon, Lindzi, Paige, Reid, twins Brittany and Erica, Jaclyn, Ed, Erica Rose, Jamie, Tony, Blakeley and Mike Stagliano together again in a highly uncomfortable arena in which everyone was ready and willing to air out their grievances, shocked on a number of levels — not the least of which was the Share / Keep split between the winning duo — a decision which led to Nick keeping all of the money and Rachel going home empty-handed.

"Are you kidding me?" Rachel said when the decision came down and was clearly not a joke. She later revealed that she and Nick had had an earlier conversation in which they had both decided to choose to share the money when they inevitably won — a promise that Nick later obviously ignored. "I brought you here!" she said. "You're here because of me," she yelled at Petersen.

Petersen claimed that his decision was based on the fact that Rachel never wanted to be his partner in the first place, since she was paired with him by default after her previous partner and love interest on the show, Mike, went home. The rest of the cast members, who all seemed to share a soft spot for Rachel, were aghast at Nick's decision and consequently alternated between castigating him and letting their jaws hit the floor. At the end of the night, however, it didn't matter — Nick played by the rules and he was a quarter of million dollars richer, while Rachel returned home with no money and no love.


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Host Chris Harrison confirmed that it was the first time on Bachelor Pad that one person has ever chosen to keep the money and the other one to share, making Nick the first solo Bachelor Pad champion in history. Makes you wonder if his strategy will start a trend ….

In better Bachelor Pad finale news, bad boy Kalon and Lindzi, to whom Harrison referred as "America's sweetheart," revealed that they are maintaining a long-distance relationship but are still going strong, and Blakeley and Tony revealed that they would be ending their long-distance jaunts in order to move in together in Portland, where Tony lives now with his son — that is, before Tony upped the ante, got down on one knee, and asked Blakely to marry him, presenting her with a 2.5-carat Neil Lane diamond engagement ring, reports People. She said yes.

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