George R. R. Martin is giving fans a chance to read an excerpt from Winds of Winter, as Game of Thrones devotees continue to wait for the first series installment in five years.

Winds Of Winter Excerpt Released

Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels are getting enhanced iBooks editions as part of Apple’s 20th anniversary celebration. The Enhanced Editions boast an interactive experience that will allow readers to delve into the complex histories of Game of Thrones characters, locales and history at a touch.

Martin calls iBooks Enhanced Editions “an amazing next step in the world of books. Anything that confuses you, anything you want to know more about, it’s right there at your fingertips.”

Missing of course from Apple’s Enhanced Editions of Song of Ice and Fire books is Winds of Winter. Fans have been growing increasingly impatient with the delayed release of the sixth book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Throwing fans a bone, an excerpt from the forthcoming book will appear in the new iBook editions of the five published novels.

While Martin has had trouble finishing Winds of Winter, he has admitted that he has plenty of material for a prequel, should the creators of the Game of Thrones TV series on HBO be interested in pursuing such a spinoff show.

“I do have thousands of pages of fake history of everything that led up to Game of Thrones, so there’s a lot of material there and I’m writing more,” Martin told Deadline. “At the moment we still have this show to finish and I still have two books to finish so that’s all speculation.”

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