Wilson stars Woody Harrelson as a lonely misanthrope who learns he fathered a child with his estranged wife and meets his teenage daughter for the first time. We follow Wilson through this dark comedy as he realizes he could be happy, and sets out to connect with his daughter.

The film, based on the graphic novel of the same name, garnered a less-than-stunning 44% on rottentomatoes.com, though 76% of people report wanting to see it.


“American literature — and American comic-book literature in particular — hardly lacks for disaffected, middle-age white guys, but Wilson has his own special brand of abrasive charm. Not onscreen, though. The movie version of “Wilson,” directed by Craig Johnson from a screenplay by [Daniel] Clowes, illustrates the difficulty of translating an idiosyncratic temperament from one visual medium to another. The dark, comic poignancy of the book is drowned in garish, self-conscious whimsy, and the work of a talented ensemble is squandered on awkward heartstring snatching… Antic, joyless and sloppy, Wilson tries to provoke and beguile you, but the best you can manage is to feel sorry for it.”
A.O. ScottThe New York Times

“Woody Harrelson does what he can with the lead role in Wilson, but as movie characters go, his Wilson finishes a distant runner up to the volleyball in Cast Away… In the end, it’s Wilson you won’t believe in.”
Gary Thompsonphilly.com

“In Wilson, we never do find out whether that’s the title character’s first or last name. That’s OK, since you likely wouldn’t want to get to know him anyway. Even as played by an actor as skilled, and appealing, as Woody Harrelson, Wilson is bad, bad news.”
Mark FeeneyThe Boston Globe

“A rare comic-book movie that improves on its graphic-novel original, Wilson has been expanded and humanized by its original author… There’s no doubt that Harrelson’s character will remain too caustic, and too impenetrably weird, for many viewers. But there is also dark fun ahead for those willing to take Wilson’s bumpy ride.”
Ken EisnerThe Georgia Straight

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