After having to cancel all of his February tour dates, Willie Nelson is back and ready to perform.

Back in February, Nelson had to cut a show early after experiencing breathing problems. However, he is back on the road again is touring throughout the summer.

A month following his cancellations, fans began to worry about his condition. There was speculation that the musician was deathly ill. However in March, his publicist Elaine Schock told reporters that “He’s perfectly fine.”

Last Saturday, Nelson was seen posing with fans before his show.


On top his Willie Nelson and Family tour, he also has a new album coming out this month. Last Man Standing will be released on April 27, one day before his 84th birthday.

In the album, he talks about the theme of mortality. “I don’t wanna be the last man standing,” Nelson sings in the song of the same name. “Waylon and Ray and Merle and old Norro,” Nelson sings of all his friends of his who have passed away. “Or wait a minute,” he adds, “maybe I do.”

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