In the months leading up to the election, actor Ian Somerhalder said he would consider moving if Donald Trump won the presidency.


Now that Trump has been declared the winner, will Somerhalder stick to his plan? In an interview, the actor explained that he feared raising his children in a country with a ruler who believed global warming was a hoax, among other things.

“That’s not me playing up American exceptionalism,” he told Variety. “It has to do everything with our foreign policy and our understanding of the environment. Any person that potentially has the position of being President of the United States who thinks climate disruption is a hoax created by the Chinese doesn’t deserve to be in that seat. It’s just a simple fact.”

The actor described a Trump win as a scary prospect. “I think about the America I could potentially be raising my children in, and I don’t know,” Somerhalder continued. “I don’t know if I would actually want to stay here. It’s extreme, but I love this country. I want nothing but the best for this country.”


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Of course, in a shocking election night, Trump did win the presidency. Somerhalder has yet to confirm or deny his moving plans.

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