Will Smith, 43, slapped a Ukrainian male reporter while on the red carpet at the Moscow premiere of Men in Black III. The reporter tried to kiss Smith on one cheek and then the other, but was getting too close for comfort for Smith.

"What the hell is your problem," Smith asked the journalist mid-embrace, before pushing him away and slapping him on the cheek. As Smith went down the line of reporters, he quickly remembered himself and began joking about the incident. "He tried to kiss me on the mouth," he explained to another journalist, reports People. "He's lucky I didn't try to sucker punch him …. Sorry, I said that on camera."

A witness later explained to the magazine that the reporter had asked Smith for a hug, and when Smith obliged, the man "planted multiple kisses, with his lips touching Smith's."

Men in Black III, starring Smith, as well as Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Tim Burton, Emma Thompson, Nicole Scherzinger, and Bill Hader, hits theaters on May 25.

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